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Christina Marie Robinson is a life-long lover of dance, but can no longer dance herself, due to a stroke that paralyzed her left side after the birth of her first child, Leo on May 5, 2010.

She is now in intensive physical therapy to try to regain her lost functions. She may not ever dance the flamenco again, but as she relearns to walk in the coming year, she may be able to dance a tango. The Argentine tango is essential just a beautiful, even walk with a supportive partner, and it's her best therapy. We hope that by the time Leo learns to walk, she can show him how to tango.


Last October 24, we held a fund-raising party featuring music and dance at the new Mercado de San Agustin in downtown Tucson. (see those flyers here.) Left-over items and some additional pieces will be put on this site so that people can receive something concrete for their donation, if they would like. See Auction.

Many people that could not attend have been send us donations, for the price of a ticket, or an amount of their own choice. We've decided to make that easier by opening a special donation account at US Bank.

Donations in the form of a check made out to the "Christina M Robinsom Donation Fund" may be brought in or sent to any branch of the US Bank.

The donation button below goes the the same US Bank account as a secure and easy payment through Paypal.

Thank you very much.

Christina Robinson, Paul Mirocha and Leonardo Antonio Robinson Mirocha




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